Vector EPS

Vector EPS files are the files you need for offline printing. Make sure you are prepared! Create a logo with Tailor Brands and purchase an EPS file today.

Vector EPS

What Is A Vector EPS?

An EPS file is a vector image file that uses PostScript descriptions to exchange information about images, drawings, layouts, and more. This type of file is extremely versatile and complex. Based on this complexity, they can be resized over and over without losing quality. Unless specified, these files will open with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other high-quality design software, and can be further edited in these programs if needed. Are you considering any printed products for your logo? You’ll surely need an EPS file!

What Do I Get When I Purchase a Vector EPS?

Upon purchasing your EPS file from Tailor Brands, you’ll receive a high-resolution EPS image that can be opened with professional design software. If your logo uses color, our designers will manually render this for you. Request this file through your Brand Profile in your account!

Why Do I Need A Vector EPS?

While PNG and JPG files are great for online use, most printers will ask for an EPS file of your logo to use on offline products. If you’re thinking about making t-shirts, pens, pins, or any product with your logo, an EPS file will allow the printer to increase or decrease the size of your logo without degrading the file itself.