Logo Sizes

Get your new logo from Tailor Brands perfectly sized for all social media and more! A must-have for any brand.

21 Logo Sizes

What Are Logo Sizes?

While we provide logo design files that are large enough to be resized for a number of uses, you may not be comfortable or own the software to be able to resize your logo. With 21 Logo Sizes, you receive resized versions of your logo for social media and branding channels!

Examples of Logo Sizes

What Do I Get When I Purchase Logo Sizes?

You receive your logo, resized. We offer different versions of your logo design optimized to fit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your email signature, and a Favicon. If you are unable to resize your logo on your own, this option is definitely for you!

Why Do I Need Logo Sizes?

Have you ever visited a social media page and seen a logo that is stretched out too large or shrunken too small to read? We want to prevent this from happening to you! Avoid poor customer experience and a bad business image by ensuring your brand is perfect and professional, always.