Make Your Own Security Logo

Sturdy, strong, and safe; those are the feelings you want your customers to have when they think about your security company. And, the best way to make a good first impression on your audience is to control the narrative about your brand – through a security logo.

Luckily, our security logo maker can help! All you have to do is enter your company name and a few details about your business, and you’ll be able to create a top-notch security logo in minutes. To get inspired, check out the logos below that are making a mark on the industry, and scroll down for a list of security logo design best practices. 

Security Logo Design Tips


Security logos are usually accompanied by an icon, one that conveys strength and stability. You may want to consider using a shield or an emblem in your logo; or, think about using another known symbol of strength, like a bald eagle or a lion. 


Bold, bold, bold – that’s the security logo favorite typeface weight. Go with a typeface that doesn’t use flourishes or curves, like an all-caps sans serif, to show your audience that you’re reliable. You may also want to consider using a classic serif, but make sure the one you choose has thick weights.  

Color Palette

Do you specialize in a specific type of security? If so, try to reflect that with the colors you choose for your logo. In general, you can’t go wrong with blues and yellows, but you may want to choose a different color palette to separate yourself from competitors in the industry. 


Imagine your logo everywhere; where do you think you will use it most? Go with the layout that looks best on the side of a vehicle or storefront, but that can be resized to work well on business cards and a website.