21 Popular Purple Logos That Will Inspire Your Own Design

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Did you know every color has a meaning? From how the hue, tint, and pairing of a color is used in your design can change the meaning.  

Discover how to use purple to convey the right message to your audience in your own logo. And, check out 21 companies that successfully use purple designs for inspiration. 

The Meaning of the Color Purple

Purple is a vibrant and beautiful color. For a long time, purple was considered the color of royalty because the dye was more difficult to produce. It sparks feelings of luxury and uniqueness in most settings. It can also represent ambition, independence, and nobility. Deeper shades of purple add a powerful and mysterious quality to the logo design.

If you lighten your purple color down to a pale pastel or lilac, you can achieve a shade that looks empathetic and soothing. A lighter color of purple can show a whimsical and sweet brand characteristic.

Purple Logos for Inspiration

Are you planning to create your own logo? Check out these existing logos from big brands that help build brand awareness and sell products.


hallmark logo

The gift and card maker company uses purple to communicate care, compassion, and creativity. Often paired with gold, the Hallmark logo also represents luxury and class.


syfy logo

Mysterious and strange, the Syfy channel couldn’t just go with any colors. The dark, warm hue of reddish-purple makes this color feel vaguely threatening without being too gruesome or terrifying. Paired with the simple and modern typeface, this logo offers impact without going over the top.


cadbury logo

For a much more decorative type of font, the Cadbury logo features a script that looks nearly handwritten. The purple for Cadbury feels timeless and royal, which, as a British company, feel right at home here.


yahoo logo

The Yahoo logo gives off strong creative vibes. The simple font provides a sense of straightforward simplicity (a good feature for an email provider or search engine company). Used with a purple envelope as their logo icon, Yahoo brings a look to the table that is highly versatile and memorable.


avid logo

Using geometrical shapes, Avid displays its dedication to advanced technology with a modern twist on language. Utilize shapes in logo design to create an interest that text alone can’t achieve. Triangles tend to be very stable, until they are turned onto a corner. Avid has used a mixture of shapes in purple to create a daring, cutting-edge look with its design.


craigslist logo

The buy/sell website is a simple solution for the classifieds. The purple color for the logotype lends to the idea that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Rather than go with a look that conveys deals or saving, Craigslist decided to go with a color that depicts value and nobility.


benq logo

This tech company is well known for creating computers and other advanced products for consumers. Logos with a 3D design can be eye-catching and unusual in today’s world of flat logos. A simple gradient in the brain-like organic emblem shape helps the BenQ logo pop from the page like a button.


scentsy logo

An MLM brand devoted to scented waxes and melts, Scentsy created a logo with 3 stars to illustrate a wafting scent or a dreamy experience. The purple color here is ideal for helping this brand stand out and approach the candle market with a youthful vibe.


monster logo

The job search and listing site Monster.com relies on a straightforward wordmark logo in a simple slab sans serif font. The letters are slightly angled and edgy to provoke a sense of bravery. The brand wants its logo to feel optimistic and encouraging to inspire confidence.

Colors that Complement a Purple Logo

You don’t have to stick with a monochromatic logo. Pairing purple with another color can create an entirely different feel. Let’s take a look at a few colors that pair well with purple:

Purple and Green

Want to create a fun-loving, energetic brand? Green can provide a powerful pairing with purple for a logo that conveys natural benefits.

The Championships Wimbledon

wimbledon logo

Reminiscent of the green tennis courts, the purple and green Wimbledon logo is a natural fit for the matches. The tennis rackets and ball are on the green “court” part of the design, while the logotype is rounded out on the purple band to create a seal or brand emblem.

Toxic-Free Future

toxic free future logo

A brand rooted in science, Toxic-Free Furniture provides a happy set of dancing characters in bright green and deep purple. Neither of these colors look natural at all, which makes them energetic and avoids the illusion of being too “Earthy” (AKA, dirty).

Purple and Yellow

Bright and powerful, purple and yellow are complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel). Not only are they eye-catching, but most find them appealing as well.

Los Angeles Lakers

Sports teams love contrasting colors because they show up easily from a distance (or on camera). The Lakers use gold to make up the basketball, while the purple is used for their action-packed wordmark.

los angeles lakers logo

Baltimore Ravens

For the Ravens team, the bird is outlined in a noble gold color with a lettermark “B” that is also in gold to show value.

baltimore ravens logo

Purple and White

If you are looking to display royalty and luxury, purple and white can be an appropriate choice.


milka logo

The Swiss chocolate maker creates some very tasty gourmet chocolate. Now owned by Kraft (since 1990), Milka relies on a purple logo with a handwritten logotype to show a handcrafted value backing their products.


twich logo

While actually a modern design, Twitch uses a pixilated throwback logo to show its dedication to gaming history. The purple in this logo shows the high energy and excitement driving the platform.

Purple and Pink

For a fun and childish (or feminine) approach, purple and pink can make a great pair.

Wizz Air

wizz air logo

This funky logo in a pink and purple outline offers a fun twist to a low-cost airline. It displays wonder and creativity rather than a generic or cheap look.


aussie logo

Vibrant purple and pink with a kangaroo hopping along the horizon, the Aussie logo is eye-catching and attractive.

Purple and Orange

Similar to yellow, orange is far from purple on the color wheel and a naturally contrasting color.

Phoenix Suns

phoenix suns logo

The warmth of the orange is complemented by the cool purple. The basketball becomes a quickly rising sun, contrasted by the dark purple background.


fedex logo

This catchy shipping logo is nearly as opposite as you can possibly get from its competitor (UPS). The purple and orange give the illusion of creative problem solving with a positive atmosphere.

Purple and Black

Dramatic and mysterious, purple and black can make for a daring logo design.


apogee logo

This simple lettermark logo uses the geometrical shape to feel like the line of the at while also looking like a stylized shadow.

Design Bug

design bug logo

This graphic design studio is turning heads with a wavy approach to text designed to throw you off balance and take a second look.

Over to You

You can create your very own logo with these purple inspirational logo design ideas. There are so many different ways to combine your colors, fonts, imagery, and layouts. 

To jumpstart your design process, try our logo design tool. This free tool will offer plenty of inspirational designs with the option to purchase only if you are thrilled with the results! Why not give it a shot?